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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 27, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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but you can take action today. go to for your free joint profile so you can better talk to your rheumatologist about protecting your joints. you it -- >>stuart: the president says it is time to focus on other issues besides his birth. how about where he is drilling? this is "your world," gas supplies, down, nine straight races and prices up 36 straight days. now, the president says it is time to pump more oil. in saudi arabia. and now, jim wants it know why not here, jim is the president of the offshore marine service association. jim, i am sure you are tearing your hair out. but, can you answer the question, why doesn't the president want to drill here? >>guest: i cannot answer that question. what i do is look what this
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administration does. not what it says. in this case, at every turn, they have used their regulatory authority to shut down this industry. they have done it in a manner that is costing us jobs, raised the price of fuel and made us more dependent on foreign oil. i can not explain it. >>stuart: according to the "wall street journal" seven deep water rigs have left the gulf and some have gone to brazil. are you telling me we have shut down much of the drilling in the gulf of mexico? >>guest: this administration has created permanent damage to our ability to produce energy domestically in the gulf of mexico. it's true that the president went to brazil to say he wanted to be first in line as a custom for brazilian oil. brazil is using technology that was based in the united states. we have had not only rigs leave
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the gulf of mexico, but we have had offshore supply vessels that were built in the last 10 years to service deep water drilling. that technology is being exported to countries because this administration has shut down an industry and put hundreds of thousands of jobs in generality. -- jeopardy. further further you must have some idea, speculate, why does the president do this? let me answer my own question, did you think that the president is so tied to the environmentalists who hate oil and do not like drilling at all, is that it? >>guest: i think he is committed to creating a command-and-control economy that drives the price of fuel to the point where his alternatives are more attractive in the marketplace. the problem with that approach it ignores we are in a global economy and others take up the
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slack where we become unproductive, and jobs, productivity, and hour funds are transferred overseas as a result of this administration's energy policy. further further everyone is feeling the pain at $4 gas painful to to to -- to everyone, take away the tax breaks the oil companies get, drill over there, and told two audiences get out there and buy a new fuel efficient car. your response to that? >>guest: i have seen those clips. of the recommendations to go out and buy automobiles that did not exist or they cannot afford. that is not a solution. the solution is to produce domestic energy here and now and lift the moratorium on drilling permits in the gulf of mexico. >>stuart: let me show you the president talking about the level of oil production now, in the united states.
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>> the u.s. oil production was the highest level last year, than ever. you it constitute -- >>stuart: is that correct? >>guest: it is correct but it is like a father taking credit for a record year and saying next year will be better but does not put a crop in the ground. you cannot keep production up without exploring. >>stuart: thank you for joining us, jim. we appreciate it. the president also calling to end tax breaks for oil companies and invest the money in his green energy projects. to a democrat, yes, a democrat telling the president he is putting thousands of jobs on the line. congressman, you are a democrat, you seem to oppose the president on this, are you telling me that he can take the tax breaks away, your state, oklahoma, loses jobs, are you saying that?
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>>guest: we lose thousands of jobs in oklahoma and texas and louisiana and arkansas and pennsylvania, new york, west virginia, not just traditional oil and gas producing states and the tax breaks do not go to the major oil companies, they go to small independent companies like we have in oklahoma. did you know a vast majority of the production in the united states comes from small independent oil and gas companies in and the new rigs that are drilling right now in the united states, they are not exon mobiles of the world but the chesapeakes and smaller companies that are based in oklahoma that are employing a lot blue-collar jobs. the president needs to understand that. >> those smaller oil companies, the drillers, don't they get any of the tax breaks? you have a big oil company reporting billions and billions
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in profits this week, literally, and a lot of petroleum are saying you can afford $4 billion give away in the tax breaks and you have a cushion of huge profits, surely you can absorb the tax break loss and keep drilling. >>guest: there are two things, the depletion allowance, the major oil companies are barred from using that tax incentive. they cannot do it. it is against the law. that is something the president has been misleading the public on. second, in drilling costs, basically an incentive to drill in the united states. if you take that away 30 percent to 40 percent of the drilling right now in the united states will go away and that number you talked about that we have more production, that is because of places like the shale, and in oklahoma, going to places like north dakota and producing oil and gas and that is in spite of
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the president's policies. >>stuart: what can you do? you are a blue dog democrat in oklahoma, do you have enough colleagues in the house of representatives to stop this? >>guest: good people from louisiana, mississippi, lost because the president has moved too far to the west on the energy policy. he has to come to the middle to win the next election he has to win over independents. he may write off oklahoma. i don't know if he has been to oklahoma since the last election but he should be in places like the gulf coast because people are losing their jobs each day because of this administration's policies. again, these are not just republicans, and not just c.e.o.'s of major companies, these are democrats, blue-collar workers in places like louisiana, alabama, mississippi and up into pennsylvania and new
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york. >>stuart: congressman, thank you, a democrat from oklahoma. >> coming up ... rug -- remember this woman? if you listen to the mainstream media you will think she is a concerned constituent, well, think again, coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. but the president calling the birth certificate issue a decision traction to the nation or a distraction to him. and for the land of big ben, no, no, no, this one, giving the big press conference, the first time a fed chief is letting the world
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>> today i am very proud of myself. because i have accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish. >>stuart: the donald commenting on the birth certificate, president obama releasing a detailed version saying we need to get past distractions. but my guest says it is the dismissing attitude that made this a distraction in the first place and our fox news contributor is us with saying we have seen this before. how so? >>guest: we see this with bigger issues like the b.p. oil spill, it took him weeks to respond to that.
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it took him weeks to respond when a man's underwear almost blew up on an airplane on serious, serious issues to the nation he dilly dalid and came to the podium. what took so long? >>stuart: do you think she distant, somewhat cold and he missed the significance and importance, to him it is not important but to the public it became an important issue? did he dismiss that? >>guest: i cannot blame him for dismissing it initially, he is thinking, this is nuts. i was born in hawaii, why a big deal. the clinton camp brought it up originally. but for donald trump to get the president of the united states to commit the office to come up with a huge gaffe. >>stuart: you think it is a gaffe?
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>> absolutely. >> did he deliberately withhold this and then say there was nothing. >> as a former press secretary it should be kept at the staff level because it was his real birth certificate, and let it go and let president obama focus on the important issues. and if they are going to release it, why step on their own story this morning, they had big news at the c.i.a. and the department of defense rearranging staff. huge news. if they wanted to release this she they should have done it friday afternoon or during a royal wedding. >>stuart: let me play a little bit of the announcement from the white house where he is saying, we have to be mice and then calling names. listen to this. >> america's political leaders can come together in a bipartisan way and solve these problems. we always have. but we are not going to be able
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to do it if we are distracted. who are in the going to be able to do it if we vilify each other or we cannot solve our problems if we are distracted by carnival barkers. >>stuart: did he say mr. trump is a carnival barker? that is aggressive stuff? >>guest: and the president should in the comment on. he is showing his thinned skinness that the media and donald trump are getting to him. >>stuart: do you think the president lost this? did donald trump, therefore, win? >>guest: i do, trump won here, he was elevated and he legitimized his place but what he chooses to do going forward is critical. he has to get off the silly stuff talking about the transcript now, saying obama could be a bad student.
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so what? no one thinks the president is dumb. and he better be careful what he wished for, what if he releases his grades and he has straight a's but i think trump going forward has a real platform. he has the attention of all of us. >>stuart: take your win and move on. >>guest: talk about the president's policies not the grades or birth certificate. talk about the grade the american people give him which is according to polling not so good. 70 percent of the country think we are going in a wrong direction. >>stuart: there you have it, thank you. suing boeing. for hiring in a right-to-work state. did the government labor board just go overboard to a guy who used to run it and says you better believe it. plus, two sausage makers, one owns a zeli and the other prints
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the money. what is the connection
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>>stuart: boeing getting a bottom line boost because of tax rate cuts, but keeping a close eye on how boeing's fight with the national labor relations board plays out, and they say the new factory in south carolina is illegal and an attack on unions. my guest used to call the shots at the nlrb and does not like what he is seeing today. peter, this looks like, you tell me straight, it looks like directs punishment for boeing for daring to open a factory in south carolina, a right-to-work state. is it?
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>>guest: unfortunately, you can look at it that way. there is in basis for the claim this is retaliation. boeing has every right to open a new plant in south carolina and it could have opened a new plant anywhere, a nonunion plant because some boeing officials say that a reason was to avoid some of the strikes which they experienced in the state of washington, the general counsel claimed that was retaliation against the union employees. >>stuart: you used to run the nlrb. do they have the power to interfere like this? >>guest: well, it has the power to attempt to interfere. it is highly unlikely. >>stuart: i thought they were supposed to be down the middle, granted they are appointed by a democrat or republican president but they are supposed to be middle of the road but it looks
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like they are taking sides. >>guest: the current leadership is of the view that they are to support unionization and make organizing easier but, in fact, their role is to be neutral and consider the legitimate interests of both mass and unions while they protect me rights. >>stuart: we have a picture of a recess appointment by president obama, the man you talking about who clearly favors unions. is the board doing his bidding? >>guest: i think the majority on the board, and becker is one of them, view their row as promoting unionization and they are incorrect, and misguided, and that is a problem for the board. because it undermines the board's credibility. >>stuart: could we so this again if another corporation moves a manufacturing plant order of, say, illinois, or", or any other closed shop union
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states and goes to a right-to-work state? will we see this again? >>guest: you could but it would not have to be a right-to-work state, if the union employer tried to expand production into any other state and it was a nonunion plant it opened the board could claim it is retaliation. but, based on this complaint they could claim that if it was a union plant, but a different union, and it was done because the employer felt it would have a better or different relationship, it could claim it was retaliation so there is no limit to this but it makes no sense. >>stuart: but is it possible at the end of the day boeing will not be allowed to open that plant in south carolina? >>guest: i do not believe so. >>stuart: could they pay a fine and open it? >>guest: no, my understanding is boeing is proceeding with plan in south carolina and it guess to a hearing now, and goes to the board and if the board
4:24 pm
were to agree with the counsel more likely than not, and i am highly confident a circuit court would disagree because it is a legitimate business objective to seek to avoid work stoppage. >>stuart: you ran the board and i am sure you are familiar with them going after the state of arizona and south dakota because they patted referendums enforcing the closed secret ballot for unionization. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, the nlrb does not have authority to institute litigation so i am surprised they did that. generally speaking they wait for a third party and it will follow-up with a brief. and i question the timing of this because there is no case or controversy. my understanding with regard to the state amendments is that they favor the secret ballot election. they do not prohibit voluntary wreck inflation by hardship.
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>>stuart: is it overboard to say this looks like support for the unions come what may from the obama administration using the nlrb? >>guest: those are your words but i would not disagree. >>stuart: are you a diplomat? would you use those words. >>guest: among friends i may. >>stuart: thank you, peter, you are a diplomat. when you think of sausage do you think about how it is made? not pretty. maybe a lesson for the fed head today? maybe? overall value of any brand. ♪ and j.d. power and associates ranks lexus highest in customer satisfaction.
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[ male announcer ] talk to your doctor to find out if chantix is right for you. learn about the chantix challeng antix may not work for everyone. if you aren quit after 12 weeks, we'll refund your cost of trying it. learn more at >>stuart: the nasdaq hitting a ten year high-rising 1 percent today up 126 percent from the financial crisis low it hit back in march of 2009. up again today. president obama talking about his birth certificate. and bernanke talking about the state state state of the economy with price hikes, whose talk matters more? and charles is with me now. here you have mr. bernanke, people do not like how he makes the financial sausage, he came clean today and exposed how he does it. did he coups courtroom looking
4:30 pm
good? >>guest: from wall street perspective, you cannot lie with 9 market. wall street is enthusiastic. imagine you have a party and the police came to your door at 2:00 in the morning you are making too much noise, you go did the door and you think they are going to tell you to cut it out and they say hand me a beer, that is what he did. he will keep the money going. >>stuart: so, we have a flood of money coming out. and he is going to keep it flowing? >>guest: it seems to me. he said in his hint when the fed stops reinvesting proceeds in treasuries that is a hint, but it will not happen any time soon. if the neighbors around this party, and that is main street every day people, gas prices through the roof, jet fuel
4:31 pm
prices through the roof, beef prices through the roof. everything is through the roof. and they are going to go higher because we hear more and more corporations particularly this earning season say we have no choice, we have to raise prices. >> he took us inside the sausage machine and show how we run the financial lives but did he accept any blame if did he accept that maybe his policies, his soses acknowledge -- sausage making have produced the gas spikes? >>guest: i will give you another visual. he took a vow, wall street was in front of him, and main street behind him. >>stuart: what does that mean? >>guest: he did not take blame, he took a victory bow. he acknowledged plagues and they came out with official guidance acknowledging this with food and industry and he says it is
4:32 pm
"temporary," and i guess the fed is saying if we do not make a lot of money we will stop buying gas and food and the prices come down but right now every minute counts to the average pocketbook. >>stuart: does he put you to sleep? >> not today and the rocket started rocking my azrenalin was flowing. >>stuart: and look at this video, please, is going behind the scenes better left unseen? we will ask a real live sausage maker who joins us now. we have been looking at the video of sausage being made in your place. you do not hold news conferences or give tours. >>guest: no, no, not at all. some things are better left
4:33 pm
unseen as long as it looks good in the case. >>stuart: i have looked at the individual joe from your place, did i see lips, throats, and intestines? >>guest: the casing is made out of hog intestine or sheep intestine. >>stuart: the casing. >>guest: in the sausage it is just pork. pork and a secret seasoning. >>stuart: for lips or gills. >>guest: not in ours. >>stuart: has anyone asked to see the sausage make? >>guest: some, but some things are better left unseen. >> have you heard of black pudding? >>guest: yes. i know what it is. >>stuart: english sausage. do you know what is in it?
4:34 pm
>>guest: blood sausage. blood is in it. big's blood. it is black. a couple of onions and potatoes and you have it for breakfast. would that sell in america? >>guest: no, no, no it won't. if i don't tell anyone what is in it. >>stuart: if a customer asks can i see how your sausage is made would you let them? >>guest: if they really want to see but maybe better they don't. >>stuart: no one has asked. >>guest: no. the family is working there. >>stuart: how much is a pound? >>guest: $5.99. >>stuart: will it go off? >>guest: prices are going up. >>stuart: you are a good sport thank you for opening up the sausage factory to us. that is the italian deli in new
4:35 pm
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when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ >>stuart: for get health care. gas prices. high unemployment. fears of taxes increasing. according to pbs, the 2012 presidential election will be about ... race. and i quote, "i said a year ago this would be the ugliest, the most nasty and most racist in the history of this republic." my guest says 2012 is about policies not race. and now, the communications director for republican congressman, did he play the race card? >>guest: absolutely. he is an excellent journalist
4:39 pm
and he has been critical of the president for not helping out black america more and he thinks he should be more involved in policy more african-american specific but he has taken heat but i am surprised for him throwing the race card out. it is such a red herring and the membership are sick of it. middle class working americans should not be afraid to criticize the president and his policies and the disaster they have been without being accused of being racist. >>stuart: how am i to interpret this? do i interpret it as? i criticize the first after scan american president on policy grounds does that make me a racist? >>guest: that is right, it should in the. it is un-american framing the debate this way and offensive to me. and it should be offensive to every american who has an been and does not agree with what the
4:40 pm
president is doing and the direction of the country without being accused of being racist. we have serious issues from energy policy to raising taxes to our deficit which $1.4 trillion, and economic disaster and we are throwing the race card? that is not what the 2012 election should be about and i hope whoever our nominee is, has the backbone to go after obama's policy and not worry of the race card. >>stuart: the interviewer with that reporter in the interview situation, he called donald trump a liar, frequently, in that interview. >>guest: well, donald trump draws emotions from both sides in different ways. he is entitled to his opinion. i will not get into that issue. >>stuart: what i am getting
4:41 pm
at, are those two, in fact, being defensive because they see the president somewhat on the defensive going into the 2012 elections and some of the policies are not that successful so you play the race cards defend, and close off debate. maybe that is the policy here. >>guest: that is right. and we all know msnbc and mainstream media were accomplices in giving president obama a pass as a candidate. if you looked at, and it had to do was there was white guilt in the liberal journalism circles because we had the potentially first african-american president and he got a pass. if i had a white candidate with the same associations, and a pastor who said g.d. america from the pulpit, a white person would not have been elected.
4:42 pm
that is what they are doing. we need to combat that because president obama has a record now. >>stuart: you are the communications director for a republican from california, how do you do that? how do you combat this kind of charge that has been laid? >>guest: well, you do not acknowledge it. you acknowledge that race was a factor, you give credibility to it and you stick to the facts, not things that are left to opinion. his record speaks for itself and do it in plain terms. the average american who is listening, how does this affect me? how are the policies hurting me as an american? how do theyed work with my ability to be successful? stick to that. do not allow it to be anything other than that. the obama administration knows that and they allow it to continue. >>stuart: i am an immigrant,
4:43 pm
an outsider looking in at america and i have to tell you i do not believe america is profoundly racist. that is my experience in america. do you think america, a woman of color, do you think america is colored with racism to this day? >>guest: there are elements of race e that exist particularly in certain areas of the country. yes, it exists. america is a racist country? no, if we were president obama would not be president. >>stuart: is america judging our president on racial grounds? >>guest: no, i don't think so. those in the media that perpetuate that myth, that is insulting to the average american. the issue of race is an issue that, we can have a discussion, is it out there? is it the primary reason? the main thing that drives the discussion why people are unhappy with president obama's
4:44 pm
job? no, it is not the top 15 reasons why the american people are upset with the direction of the country. >>stuart: thank you for joining us. >> listen to this a tornado slamming northern alabama and reports saying that the twister struck a medical center in the area and officials declaring a disaster at the facility. frightening video from alabama. hackers strike and now the personal information of 77 million people is exposed. how does this happen . [ music playing, indistinct conversations ]
4:45 pm
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>> and now a hacker targeting play station network and putting personal information and credit
4:48 pm
card numbers of 77 million users at risk. fox business network's reporter has more. >> gamers and streaming movie fans, your personal and private information could have been stolen and you may not know it yet. sony warning that hackers broke into their online video game network and potentially stole sensitive client data. at risk is information such as clients' names, and birthdates and addresses and credit card numbers. the electronic giant pulled the plug on the system on april 19 but did not come clean to customers unless last night warning customers of fraud and saying "for your security we encourage you to be especially aware of e-mail, telephone and postal mail scams that ask for personal or sensitive information, and sony the not contact you in any way." in hours, the first lawsuit as you can expect was filed against
4:49 pm
the electronic giant in a california district court. the suit accuses sony of not taking reasonable care to protect the private and sensitive data of users and alleges that seasony took too long to notify customers and is seeking class action status. now the japanese giant hassed responded by building in tighter security controls into the network, but in word yet on how many people are impacted, and the network carries 77 million users' accounts and primarily based in the united states, as wells, the united kingdom. >>stuart: thank you. if you can, how did you protect yourself from a hack like this? and now to our private export and a c.e.o. of, how do we do this?
4:50 pm
before there is any leak, before there is any leak you have advice on how to protect yourself and your point one is, remove yourself from online databases. what is that about? >>guest: you are right. let me explain the big risk to users from this breach. it is not that your e-mail address will be leaked or your credit card, that is bad new. but the real problem is sophisticated hackers today are connecting data they get in a breach like this with other data that is freely available on the internet or on social networks in a chain, connecting the different databases and picking up different pieces together at end of which they find your health care information, your banking information, or your social security number. so it is not just the information that breaches or that is leaks, but it is the other information they can use it to find. >>stuart: if you remove your
4:51 pm
self from online databases, what does that mean? can you do that? and stay part of the internet. >>guest: you can break the chain i just described by removing yourself from key databases. my company does that i have to add but you can do it yourself, remove yourself from the data bryces which break apart the chain that allowed hackers to do maximum damage. you can also block, make sure you browse the web in private mode. the databases i alluded to in this chain, collect data about you that is personal when you surf the web. also, when you, for example, click "like," or "dig," on content on the when, you are going into databases that collect profile information that can be used by a hacker in a skates like this to expose more information and steal your identity not just once but
4:52 pm
multiple times. >>stuart: and cancer -- cancel your credit cards. >>guest: did not have to cancel if you did not use sony, but you should if you use sony. today you have to assume the information you publish, whether a photograph, or even with maximum settings. >> you and not get on the net without putting a form of personal information. you cannot do it. >>guest: i have to say, this is why my company exists, we make tools, many are free, that allow you to interact on the web and give you a firewall for personal digital information. there are companies creating commercial solutions for end users so you do not have to worry is much in the future. >>stuart: i am sure business is booming. thank you for joining us. you think a nation treating its people like this deserves a seat
4:53 pm
on the human rights council? get what the u.n. is about to do?
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to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? there you saw it, the crackdown in syria, intensifying today. president assad sending troops and tankses in to squash the protest. human rights group now saying more than 450 pro-democracy protesters have been killed there. unbelievably, united nations security council today failing to agree on a statement condemning the violence. get this. the u.n. human rights council is considering making syria a member of that council. the foundation for the defense of democracy is here. claudia, i'm told that syria is a shoo-in to get on the human rights council is that correct? >> that is correct.
4:57 pm
>> a shoo-in. they are definitely going to get a seat on the council. let me take it further. as i understand it, the united states is a member on the council. and will not leave even if syria gets on the council. >> correct. the u.s. is seeking a second three-year term. this is going to turn into the tyrant's tea party with the u.s. in attendance and footing a big part of the bill. >> stuart: has ban ki-moon, the u.n. secretary-general said anything about this? >> no. his spokesman says he considers this something best left to member states, of course, is different from the approach he has taken for things like defending terrorist run gaza or urging member states to talk to the sir ranny of north korea -- tyranny of north korea. he doesn't want anything to do with it. >> a lot of people have had enough of it. what do you say we should do? flat out leave the u.n., kick it out of new york, what should we do? >> in a perfect world we'd just scratch it and start
4:58 pm
over. that is not likely to happen. what we should do is understand this is serious stuff. people are dying right now. that was at the bottom of the revolution, civil war. civil rights is important. what the united states could do is seek different forums. alternative forums in which human rights are respected, rather than having them hijacked and perverted, or the likes of -- i'm going to name members of the council. russia, china, saudi arabia, cameroon and likely soon syria. >> you suggest forming a different organization entirely. like of those which practice real democracy. form that kind of organization. in place of the u.n.? >> for human rights, absolutely. as we're seeing, this involves
4:59 pm
things where people die. trying to defend their basic rights. to get their basic right. for the u.n., which describes the human rights council as the leading human right body to turn that repeatedly, it considers that a forum of which hijack captured by the despotic reseem is a -- regym -- regime is a betrayal. >> it's been done with the u.n. >> it's been done and it has had an effect. that would be place to begin. >> glad i had the about the united nations. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> that will do it here. it will see you tomorrow morning on the fox business


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